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The word origami comes from the Japanese words "ori" (paper) and "gami" (fold.) Imagine that! With paper being so readily available today, origami is an inexpensive passtime and art form.
Origami Paper
Standard origami paper comes in every color of the rainbow and then some. One side is color and the opposite is white. It comes in all sizes as well. This type of paper is the most inexpensive type of paper made especially for origami. Copy paper is about .004 inches thick. A pack of 100 6"x6" (15cm x 15cm) sheets costs around five US dollars. This type of paper is thinner than standard copy paper.
Foil Paper
Foil paper is not the same as the alumninum foil found in your kitchen. Aluminum foil is much to thin to be practical. Foil origami paper is made by adhering foil to paper on one side. Foil traditionally comes in gold and silver but other colors are starting to appear. Foil paper holds creases very well, so be careful to fold exactly, as any mistakes will be obvious. A pack of 25 6"x6" (15cm x 15cm) sheets costs around five US dollars.
Dual Sided Paper
This type of paper has color on both sides of the paper. Usually contrasting or complimentary colors are printed on opposite sides. Some models only show one side of the paper (such as the Crane), so dual sided paper would be wasted. Other models (like the Goldfish) show both sides of the paper. On this site, dual sided paper will be used when appropriate. A pack of 25 6"x6" (15cm x 15cm) sheets costs around five US dollars.
Patterned Paper
As you can see here, these sheets were made for creating animal models. Because of the print, it limits the models you can fold with it. However, if you are planning on folding a lot of, say, zebras, this paper makes for a stunning model. A pack of 15 6"x6" (15cm x 15cm) sheets costs around five US dollars.
Washi Paper
Washi paper is the most expensive of origami paper. Washi paper is handmade from the fibers of the washi bush and the patterns are very complex and often accented with gold, as you can see here. Because it is so beautiful, its often difficult to find a model that does the paper justice. The paper has a softer feel but holds creases very well because of the washi fiber with which it is made. One 6"x6" (15cm x 15cm) sheet costs around one US dollar. Yes, one sheet costs one dollar.
Money is easily obtainable paper. Well, if you work for it. Paper money in the US is made of 25% linen and 75% cotton. This helps a bill last longer but old bills can become very soft and not suitable for folding. Newer crisp bills hold creases very well and folding moeny just looks cool. Try some of the Money Models and leave them as a tip the next time you go out to dinner.
Newspaper comes every morning to your doorstep. Try folding up the business stocks or the classifieds. No one reads those anyway. Newspaper is very soft and thin and thus is quite flimsy. Newspaper hats are the best thing to fold with newspaper.
Other Paper
Paper is everywhere! Cardstock, copy paper, napkins, wrapping paper, notebook paper, maps, even wall paper is out there for your folding pleasure. You dont need special origami paper to enjoy the art of origami. Try finding the strangest piece of paper, like a store reciept, and fold something great out of it.

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