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The crane is a very traditional model and is an international symbol of peace. It was once said that if everyone on the earth were to fold a crane, world peace would be achieved. Just kidding. Click any of the photos for a larger view.
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1. Start with the Bird Base. 2. Fold the upper right and left flaps to the center. Turn over and repeat.
3. Grip the top left hand flap and fold it to the right. Turn over and repeat. 4. Take the lower point and Valley Fold to the top point.
5. Turn over and repeat step four. 6. Grip the top left flap and fold to the right (as in step three). Turn over and repeat. These flaps are the wings of the crane.
7. Grip the right point (in between the two wings) and Inside Reverse Fold down to about 45 degrees. 8. Inside Reverse Fold the tip of the right point down to form the head.
9. Grip the wings and pull them outward. The central point will flatten out as you pull the wings. 10. Fold the wings back up to taste. Completed Crane.

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