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Cheapest disposable camera ever! This origami camera takes great photos.
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1. Start with the color side down. Complete step one of the Preliminary Base. Fold the four points diagonally to the center. 2. Turn over. Fold the upper and lower points to the center.
3. Turn over. Fold the lower right and left points to meet in the center. 4. Fold the upper right corner to the center.
5. Grip the underside of the flap you just folded down . . . 6. . . . and flatten down. Repeat step five and six on the left side.
7. Turn over and Squash Fold the upper diamond. 8. Repeat on the lower diamond. These will create the sides of the camera.
9. Turn over and pick up the model by the flaps that were created in step six. Cross one over the other. 10. Fold the points over the opposite flaps, ie fold the right point over the left flap and vice versa. Completed Camera.
11. To take a "picture" place your index fingers on the front of the camera and your thumbs on the back. Press out with your thumbs. This will cause the flaps in the front to spring open, thus taking a picture. Refold the points over the flaps (as in step 10) to reset the camera.

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