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Origami instructions for the fortune teller. Kind of a primitive eight ball! Write fortunes on the inside flaps and use it on your friends. Click any of the images for a larger view
Full Size Instruction Set Video :, . MB,
1. Mountain fold in half horizontally. Unfold. 2. Mountain fold in half vertically. Unfold.
3. Fold four corners to the center. 4. Turn over. Fold four corners to the center. Unfold.
5. Fold in half vertically. Unfold 6. Fold in half horizontally. Unfold.
7. Refold the corners from step 4. Turn over. There are four square flaps. Insert your fingers into the flaps and pull apart the model. 8. Shape the model on the fold lines made in steps 5 and 6.
9. Turn over. Completed fortune teller.

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