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Brianna's Heart Note Fold
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1. Orient the paper vertically and fold a waterbomb base at the top. 2. Step One completed.
3. Fold the right and left points up to the top point to make a diamond. 4. Fold the left edge to the center. The upper edge will line up with the diamond.
5. Repeat on the right. 6. Fold the lower edge up to meet the lower point of the diamond.
7. Turn over. Fold the upper point of the diamond down. The diamond will be folded in half. 8. Fold the lower left corner vertically to the center.
9. Repeat on the right. 10. Tuck the right corner from the last step into the pocket on the flap you made in step seven.
11. Repeat for the left. 12. Fold the left and right points of the diamond diagonally down.
13. Tuck the right point under the the flap made in step seven. 14. Repeat for the left.
15. Turn over. Completed Brianna Heart Note Fold.
See our new site for even more note folds.

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